KB Petrochemicals Ltd.

"Sena Kalyan Sangstha" with its brand name "Sena" is growing fast to fulfill the requirement of our valued customers. In the last couple of years a significant development has taken place where some more industries/commercial outfits have been established. Namely SKS LPG, SKS 3rd Cement Ball Mills, SKS Socks, Sena Tent, Sena Edible oil are the significant. Along with these "Sena Petrochemicals" is also an important project accompanied by a Middle East company "KB Petrochemicals Industries".

I am happy to see that "Sena Petrochemicals" is prepared in all aspects to compete the market. As I learned and also can say that product quality with efficient service will be able to satisfy our valued customer.

Managing Director
KB Petrochemicals Ltd.

Last about 27 years I am pursuing my business in the Middle East. Since long it was a dream to setup a business in my own country, Bangladesh. I am a son of this soil, it has a tremendous influence and it is connected in my blood. "Sena Kalyan Sangstha" is one and only institution which is reputed for its ethical stand in the business arena, it is elegant and serve the nation from its mission perspective. Again it has a noble task of welfare to the distress retired Armed Forces members and their families. I salute to their cause of business, that is earn to serve. Our journey with SKS with the product "Petrochemicals" with the brand name "Sena Petrochemicals" is ready to operate. Our team members are working day and night with the SKS team for the development of the project. Team members is the core strength of the project. I am optimistic to reach to our goal with our honesty, sincerity. Our product quality is of international standard. Our customers is our asset, we shall not let them down. Product quality, competitive price coupled with close support are the key focus of the activities.

At the end my sincere gratitude to chairman, SKS for his directives and support. Let me congratulate CEO and his team for putting up the best effort in conducting the all activities of the project. My sincere appeal to the clients to choose our product.

KB Petrochemicals Ltd.

“Setting the benchmark in the relentless pursuit of excellence."

KB Petrochemicals Ltd. with the brand name SENA Petrochemicals aims to earn the respect and admiration of the market for its excellence in safety and service delivery. We would like to achieve recognitions from various customers by providing accurate directives, technical support followed by handing over a best possible product. Ultimate intension is to protection of the valuable assets of our customers.

We are self-reliance on every aspect of our core activities. Thus, with our strong in-house capabilities, we are capable to tackle problems quickly and remain resilient across three recent varying cycles of the global economy: the boom, the crisis and the slow recovery.

Additionally, through our unwavering commitment to quality and safety, we aim to earn the full trust and confidence of all segments of customers. We consider every customer is our asset.

In evolving with the change and challenges of a new era that have spurred the birth of more environment-friendly and fuel efficient strategy, we are likewise relentless in our pursuit for cleaner, safer and more fuel-efficient technologies through our international partners. As a company dedicated and open to positive change from great innovations brought about by revolutionary breakthroughs in research and development, such pursuit is further complemented by our strong emphasis on continuous training of personnel and retention of the finest crew.

Moving forward, we ensure the consistent delivery of product and service excellence through the hard work and dedication of every member of the KB family. Our strict adhere to policies and procedures of the highest standards of quality, reliability and environmental safety both on-shore and afloat serve as a guarantee of our total commitment and dedication of delivering on our promise to customers and the market.

I therefore wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team including SKS, our customers and our esteemed partners for standing with us throughout in our challenging journey.

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