Motorcycle Lubricants

Motorcycle Lubricants

Sena Petrochemicals Ltd. offers a range of excellent motorcycle lubricants suitable for 2 and 4-stroke engines through our SENA Commando 4T brands. From modern, high-performance racing and leisure bikes through to road bikes used day-to-day, our SENA Commando 4T oils offer engine protection for all motorcyclists, and because they’re produced with the latest synthetic oil technologies, they guarantee clean running and maximum power, whatever the oil grade.

Both two and four-stroke oils have exceptional oxidation resistance at high temperatures, prevent the formation of deposits, contain additives to thicken oil at high temperatures and maintain their fluidity at low temperatures. This helps them protect components from wear, even in high-speed, high-pressure or high-load situations.

SENA Commando 4T

Grade: 20W50, 20W40, 10W40
Pack Size: 1 Ltr (12pcs per Cartoon)

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